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Creative Process

Enthralling storytelling doesn’t happen by chance. Step-by-step, it’s reworked, reviewed, and refined. Here’s how we do it.

01 Briefing

02 Script

03 Moodboard

04 Styleframes

05 Concept Storyboard

06 Illustrated Storyboard

07 Animatic

08 Sound and Voice Overs

09 Animation


Playpal explainers

Client: Playpal, inc. USA

Explainer Videos, Infographics. 
The challenge was to present the pitch deck in a video format. Muse was able to create an easy and effective way to demonstrate Playpals' advanced health platform. 


Keeko trailer

First impressions are everything, so optimising your game trailer is all-important. Keeko's game trailer shows what the game is, and it has the power to drive emotion and interest before people get a chance to try out your game. It was designed to provide the game with an arsenal of visual and audio tools to turn viewers into players.



PEPSI CO assigned us with a task to animate a character with STting bolts as in their design and Muse came up with an electrifying trailer for their 2019 campaign "LIFE KA SWITCH ON"



Pepsi CO- Evolutionaire Studios 2020.

The challenge was to integrate 2D and 3D animation, inserting 2D overlayers with movement are some examples of it. 3D and fluid motion combinations were used increating clean transitions into more splashy shifts. 


Advertisement CHAAP

The CHAAP video entails "Identity" and shifting paradigms. The challenge was to create an abstract showreel full of emotions and give a message of freedom.

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