Epic Brands

Branding, visual design, website

EPIC turns innovative ideas into epic brands. We help brands serve, connect, and delight. We create a future with smart products for connected audiences, with seamless transactions that empower lives. We believe that when the brand cares, it’s unstoppable.

We are epic brands.



#Art is a language, it is a description and depiction is its job. Over Centuries, Art has expanded into a form of communication that is no longer tangible or visual. Tom Ford, bans and Olufsen, apc.fr are the most futuristic-looking brands following the intelligence, minimal look, modernity coming from Suprematism. For Epic Brands my concept development involved playing with shapes and trying an unconventional selection from a very retrospective palette. The client wanted something bold, clean and superseding conventional concepts of modernity. 


The use of geometry helped in creating a solid visual canvas that helped draw attention where the emphasis was needed. The colour palette focuses on the brand personality that is bold and trendy.