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At Flamingo, we forecast that protecting the earth is the only way to secure a safe future. That is why 10% of our profits go towards initiatives striving for environmental sustainability. What we stand for is what we are all standing on. Being mindful with your financial planning begins at Flamingo, where more money means a smaller carbon footprint.

Flamingo Tech

Branding, Visual design
and App Development

A personalised financial platform that helps users manage their finances & set savings goals based on their desired lifestyle. Muse took the project from the ideation stage and developed the product along with branding and visual design. 

Concept.Ideate.Market Research.Wireframing.Prototyping.

UX Testing.Style guides.Visual Designs

Journey Maps

Before we dived into creating the customer journey map, Muse first collected data from Flamingo's customers and prospects.

The process of creating an effective customer journey map is extensive but valuable.

This element of the customer journey map details what a user does in each stage of the app usage process. 


1. Tracking an expense

2. Automating expense tracking 

3. Creating Budgets

4. Linking bank account for an automated tracking

5. Creating a Forecast 

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Art style


Users have limited time they are ready to devote to learning how the product works before

starting actual interaction with it. 

Visual Design adds a pinch of style and creativity to an interface, printed item, or branded stuff. In a world of tight competition, it’s vital to stand out.

Muse created a set of 12 custom illustrations for the Flamingo App. 

Illustrations are memorable and catchy, so they work well in growing brand awareness and recognizability. 
Most of the illustrations were later used to create animated short videos and interactive elements to make the interactions live and elegant. 


Icon Design


Website Design

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