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Muse's branded Flamingo Tech makes big headline in Finextra

A personalised financial platform that helps users manage their finances & set savings goals based on their desired lifestyle. Muse took the project from the ideation stage and developed the product along with branding and visual design.

Muse designed a custom platform for our client to help them manage their finances and set savings goals based on their desired lifestyle. The platform was built in a way that would be easy for the user to navigate, allowing it to grow with the business into a full fledged financial management app.

The flamingo tech brand was designed with the audience in mind, a consumer who is tech savvy and young at heart. The colourful hues of pink and greens pay homage to the millennial generation while the catchy tagline ‘your money your way’ speaks to their desire to experiment, explore and discover.

Muse is helping startups from ideation to building final products with them.

At Muse, we understand how difficult and confusing it can be to build your brand. This is why we provide branding services for startups and entrepreneurs all over Australia, from idea stage to final product.


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