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Travel Connect

Concept.Ideate.Market Research.Wireframing.Prototyping.

Branding.Style guides.Visual Designs

Travel Connect is a mobile app with web access for backpackers, bloggers and tourists.

The app focuses on recording your NYC tour. The app connects travellers with tourists and helps them plan better trips and explore NYC's hidden spots and gems. 

visual Identity, illustrations,  prototyping 

The process started off with a 2-hour workshop with the client to understand their business requirements and brand positioning.

After that, a complete market analysis was done and the client was provided with Key messages, Initial Concepts and Brand Voice. Later on, Visual Designs were developed and we moved on to the user flows and user experience exercises for the App Prototype. The illustration style was decided during the Branding phase however they were created in the end for the Application. 

We don't own "I love NYC" design. it is used as a placeholder. this design is by Milton Glaser, who we deeply appreciate. 

Asset 2@3x.png
Asset 1@3x.png

Key Visual Composition

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