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performance-based design

Performance-based design in digital products is a design approach that focuses on achieving specific performance objectives or criteria.

This approach is used to optimize the performance of digital products, such as website loading speed, user experience, and accessibility.
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Differentiation: In a crowded digital marketplace, experience design can help a product stand out from its competitors. By providing a superior user experience, a product can differentiate itself and create a loyal customer base.
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Brand perception: A digital product with a positive user experience can enhance a company's overall brand perception. This can increase customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and improved reputation.
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In digital product design, performance-based design can involve user behaviour, device capabilities, network connectivity, and software performance. To achieve specific performance objectives, designers use a variety of design principles, data analysis tools, and performance testing techniques to measure and optimize the performance of their digital products.

For instance, in website design, performance-based design can involve optimizing images and videos to reduce loading times, ensuring responsive design to accommodate different screen sizes and devices, and using web caching techniques to improve page load speed. In mobile application design, designers can optimise battery usage, minimise app size, and use data caching to reduce data usage.

At Muse, performance-based design is an essential approach in the design of digital products to ensure that they meet specific performance objectives and provide a seamless user experience. At Muse, we keep up with emerging trends and techniques in performance-based design to stay relevant and deliver the best user experience for our products.

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