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i want a redesign...
now what?

If you are here, please ask yourself this question
Do I have the DATA to support this urge for a redesign?
If the answer is Yes! Let's get started. 
Redesigning an app is a costly endeavour that should only be undertaken when there’s an actual need for it.

the terms you should you remember you ex's number.. 

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Adoption is a metric that tells you what percentage of users end up using your product after trying it for the first time. Bad adoption can have numerous reasons that stem from the product-market fit, technical issues, or other non-design-related issues.

This metric is important because it shows how successful the app is in attracting new users. Higher adoption rates indicate that the app is popular and has a broad reach.


Retention refers to the number of users who use an app over time.

User Retention is an indicator of how many people keep using your app over some time. 

This metric is important because it shows how engaging the app is and how likely users are to use it. High retention rates indicate that the app is valuable to users and that they are likely to continue using it.


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Conversions refer to the number of users who take a specific action within an app, such as purchasing, signing up for a subscription, or completing a survey.


This metric is important because it shows how effectively the app achieves its goals. High conversion rates indicate that the app successfully engages users and drives specific actions.

Calculating this metric is pretty simple: divide the number of premium users in a cohort by the number of all non-premium users. If taking a closer look into the user journey doesn’t help, you might want to start thinking about redesigning the flow.

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ux and visual audits are a great exercise to review the product to learn more about business goals, user needs, and technical limitations.

One last step and the most important one, is to audit your app.

This will enable you to make data-driven decisions for the redesign.

A UX audit is a method used to pinpoint the less-than-perfect areas of a digital product, revealing which parts of a site or app are red flags.

define goals and
develop a design plan

Once you finish the audit visual and ux the next best step is to define business goals and what you want from this redesign. 

What are my goals?

The business goal can be improved retention, more conversions and sales, or enhance the app's functionality? Defining your goals will help guide the redesign process.

Develop your design plan!

Develop a comprehensive design plan that outlines the changes you want to make to the app. The design plan should include wireframes, mockups, and prototypes that showcase the new design.

Test the redesign 

Test the new design with a small group of users to get feedback and identify any usability issues. Make changes as necessary to improve the design and user experience.

Monitor user feedback and analytics to identify any issues and continue to make improvements over time. The app redesign process is iterative, and it's essential to be flexible and open to feedback. 

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