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Muse Celebrates Innovation: Now featured in DesignRush's Best Logo Designs.

Design Rush, known for its best logo design, has chosen our design to be featured among The Best Logo Designs Done by Australian Agencies.

Muse is committed to establishing a brand reputation through innovative digital strategy and transformation, cultivating user experiences that stand parallel to an ever-changing world full of infinite possibilities.

We create experiences with our clients that makes us a happy bunch of creative people.

Our concept for EpicBrands was bold, clean and modern. In a meta-modern world where ideas are decentralised and deconstructed, Muse attempts to develop a sense of organisation and sanity by using geometrical patterns with solid visuals to seek the attention of the mainstream. With bold colours, our target of a minimal look is completed to its full potential. Although, Epic is one traditional form and one of the oldest forms of literature, moulding it in a Gen Z vibe was a challenging task.

Art has to be communicative and imitative. Having an Aristotelean concept of mimesis, we add our modern creative tool to make the logo grand yet simplistic. It is more like a paradox, similar to our careful use of contrasting colour pallets. The bold and clear font fulfils the purpose of digital aesthetics, complementing the playfulness with shapes.

With the help of our expert team, Muse celebrates innovation and hopes to provide a platform for creative fantasy in digital marketing.

Muse. An elevated state of design.


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