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design is our Muse.
MUSE is committed to establishing a brand reputation through innovative digital strategy and transformation, cultivating user experiences that stand parallel to an ever-changing world full of infinite possibilities.

Muse. An elevated state of design.


CHAAP is a collaboration of intellect, religion, experience and novelty. It is a platform that aims to bring together women in a way that has never been done before.


Finesse by Aleezay Afghan is an organic skincare brand. The authenticity of the product talks through FINESSE premium quality products and packaging. 



Sweet LeiLani is a plant-powered skincare line with ingredients backed by science and supported by sustainability. Their products are holistically ethical, leave a small carbon footprint and help people without harming animals.

Travel Connect

Travel Connect is a mobile app with web access for backpackers, bloggers and tourists.

The app focuses on recording your NYC tour. The app connects travellers with tourists and helps them plan better trips and explore the hidden spots and gems of NYC. 

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